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OS/Platform Supporting


A debug environment of a kernel, application, bootloader, module, shared library, etc. is realized without manipulating the Kernel source.

Debug functions

  • -Process list
    The process ID/name and status information are displayed and the current process information is displayed at the time of target break.
  • -PID selection
    You can specify only processes you want to debug
  • -Virtual mode
    You can display statuses other than the current process in a multitask/multithread environment.


uITRON T-Kernel

Debug function

  • -Task transition display
    Task switching is displayed graphically with a time stamp, without stopping the target. The resource information managed by the OS is displayed in a list.
  • -OS resource display
    You can add or delete the display contents by customizing GUI with use of Tcl/Tk



A debug environment of a single screen such as a bootloader, kernel, application, device driver, and middleware is realized from immediately after reset.

Debug function

  • -Monitoring function (graphical display of usage rates of CPU and memory)
  • -FileView function (communication via JTAG)
  • -ETM/ETB trace function

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