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We have asked customers why they adopted our products.
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JTAG ICE Overview

+ Overview
adviceLUNA is a JTAG emulator that can support multiple MPUs by changing software.
It provides an optimal debug environment for development of embedded devices with a high added value, such as car navigation systems and information appliances with multicore MPU or Linux/Android embedded, as well as for development of embedded devices without an OS.

+ Main features
- Powerful multicore debug function (support AMP/SMP)
- Comfortable Linux debug environment (kernel patch not required)
- Support hot plug (JTAG can be removed without turning off the target power)
- Support multi-OS and multi-platform
- Add-on function that can create an original operation window
- System status history at the time of target break can be referred to

Case studies *Linked to pages of ARM partner cases

Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. GBA Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Development tools of Yokogawa Digital Computer speed up development of Panasonic

The smartphone market has been increasing competition. Since reputations of terminals immediately fly over the Internet, hard development work is performed in a short development cycle every day on the development sites of terminal manufactures in order to increase the qualities of Android and applications and optimize performances. Yokogawa Digital Computer has extended effective development tools to respond such needs through cooperation with GBA Co., Ltd. that has a detailed knowledge of database. We have interviewed Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. that works on the next generation terminal.

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Altera Japan, Ltd. / Xilinx, Inc.

Altera Japan, Ltd. / Xilinx, Inc. A new door to be opened by FPGA with embedded Cortex-A9 by Altera and Xilinx

The two major vendors of FPGA, Altera and Xilinx each released new products of FPGA with embedded ARM Cortex-A9 dual core successively in 2011. They attract much attention and expectation from the market because a custom SoC with unprecedented functions and performance can be built by combining Cortex-A9 dual core, which is the industry standard of an embedded processor, with high flexibility of FPGA. Yokogawa Digital Computer, which handles a wide variety of development tools of ARM, invited key persons of both companies and had a discussion about the possibility of FPGA with embedded Cortex-A9.

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FUJITSU TEN LIMITED. Car navigation systems adopt ARM microcomputer. Yokogawa Digital Computer supports its standardization.

FUJITSU TEN offers car navigation systems with a brand ECLIPSE. While they speed up the movement for globalization by adopting ARM microcomputer to development of products in the future, they chose Yokogawa Digital Computer as their development partner. We invited and interviewed Mr. Kagotani and Mr. Kusaka who are in charge of software development of car navigation systems in FUJITSU TEN.

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SHARP CORPORATION  Development tools of Yokogawa Digital Computer support development of Android based systems. It realizes visualization of software.

Portable terminals of SHARP are known for their cameras with excellent image qualities and beautiful color liquid crystal displays. SHARP enhances their approaches for further expansion of business, for example, by providing carriers with Android based smartphones. While the functions of terminals become more sophisticated, it is the tools of Yokogawa Digital Computer, which offers development solutions for embedded microcomputers, that have supported development of terminals for NTT DOCOMO, INC. We invited and interviewed Mr. Nishida of SHARP who is in charge of development of software for NTT DOCOMO.

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Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor & Storage Products Company

Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor & Storage Products Company  From age of gasoline to age of electricity. Evolving development tools for automotive microcomputers.

For many years, Yokogawa Digital Computer has provided debug environments for various embedded microcomputers. We have sold genuine tools as an official distributor for ARM core and provided training and supports for more than ten years. Those achievements are highly evaluated also by automobile manufacturers and primary suppliers (Tier-1) and the company has already established a stable position as a vendor of development tools of automotive microcomputers. This time, Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor & Storage Products Company selected Yokogawa Digital Computer as one of the strategy partners of automotive microcomputers that adopted the Cortex family. We interviewed both companies to ask the background.

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